Friday, January 09, 2015

New Radio Shows Now Playing

The Golden Globe Awards Prediction Show is now playing on Talk Show Radio. Please see that widget. Note: Another station is mentioned but due to a tech problem I put the shows on TSR instead.
Update: New show on Blog Talk Radio: The Complete Prediction show including "Selma".
This is the list I am using for both the Radio Show and for tomorrow's nights Globes Show.
Almost the same list as the Golden Globes, Critics Choice and others except Whiplash is getting more kudos and Selma has been completely ignored. And as I said before for many years
who ever wins the Globes usually gets the Oscar except for that one surprise. But for the past couple of years Bafta also has been a preview on who is going to win at the Oscars.
Includes full listing of the nominees. The show will be live on Jan. 15 the same day as the
Oscar nominations are announced.

There will be a wrap up show on The Golden Globe Winners next week followed by the official show premiere for the new year.

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