Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

The Academy WTF Award nominations were announced today with Selma & Lego Movie getting dissed.  New Blog Talk Radio show this weekend after this past Thursday's Critic Choice Awards.
This will also include the Bafta Award nominations. Almost the same as the Oscars.
I don't know about this. Where are the strings? Live action miniature sets with Weta doing the CGI sounds good but already I'm missing the damn strings. They did it with Team America. Fk Yeah? It's more like Fk no!
Looks like I'm not the only one who agrees that the most obvious choice to win for Best Picture is Imitation Game which I announced on my Blog Talk Radio show last week. But I can't believe how many nominations all these movies got. Which mean it was really a bad year at the movies that these very few would get all these nods. Full list and opinions and show announcement down below.
What do they expect when they hired the director of Chronicle which was less than great. (sucked big time). Didn't they learn last time with the last FF? They hired the director of Barbershop! That title alone should have been a hint.
That's it? Got to admit the last Dinosaur in JP3 was bigger looking but let's see what the moves are.
But regardless still looking forward to this with SFX much better nowadays.
Check out the voting by 61% that the episode almost made it as a movie. Great episode, I thought the nods to other movies were cool. But when are we going to get that movie anyways?
"Everything is Awesome" No it's not! They nominate the song but not the movie? WTF?!
They nominate Director of Foxcatcher, which did not get Best Pic Nod but not director of Selma which did get the Best Pic Nod or Eastwood for American Sniper. WTF?!
They nominate Carell for Best Actor as a not job but not Oyelo but not legend MLK? WTF?!
They nominate Interstellar and X-Men for VSF but not Godzilla? WTF?!
Well Whiplash is in for Best Picture along with Imitation Game so I'm good. Really!

Coming next: The Award nominations wrap up show on The Blog Talk Radio show.
This willl include with Globes, Critics winners & losers and the Oscar and Bafta Nods.

The big difference: Damien Chazelle as Best Director for Whiplash. Yes!

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