Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Golden Globe Predictions Pt. 1

UPDATE: Blog Talk Radio has the complete list of predictions of the winners.

Golden Globe Reviews and Predictions Part 1:
Right from the top: Imitation Game for Best Picture, Actor, Director, Screenplay.
Besides my personal Favorite Whiplash for Best Supporting Actor J.K. Simmons everything this year is so overrated that besides the above no picture deserves a 5 out of my ratings 1-5.
PS Slow news day so I'm doing this before the awards this coming Sunday.
Adapted Screenplay: Imitation Game
Original Screenplay: Whiplash
But the big surprise was Guardians of the Galaxy got a nod. Didn't see that coming but so cool.

Ratings: 1 -5, Bad to Great. These Reviews are posted according to my rating.

Imitation Game: 5
 A perfect drama all around. This is the one that Oscar should recognize and Not Boyhood!
Whiplash: 4
 "Dragging or Rushing?" With a Rocky like ending this one is a knockout. Simmons owns it.
Birdman: 3
 Great cast and Keaton nails it, a it's a technical wonder for editing but too damn Artsy-Fartsy.
Theory of Everything: 3
 Great performance in the first half turns into one look in the second half.
Boyhood: 2
 Way to damn overrated. Once the gimmick is over there's not much left.  For the Lifetime Channel.
Foxcatcher: 1
 One note performance from Carell, long dreary not even with commentary will I see this again.

Note: Whiplash is not nominated for Best Picture but is one of my favorites as I have not yet seen
"Selma" which was nominated.

Complete list on tomorrow's blog along with full reviews on Blog Talk Radio.
The Talk Show Radio will premiere Monday after the Golden Globes Awards on Sunday.

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