Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Funny recap on the first movie. The narrator seems to forget some of the scenes, I wonder why, lol.
Would someone make up their mind? Well its good his work is saved but doesn't one hand know what the other hand is doing before waving both of them in the air?
This is funny as hack seeing Cruise getting trashed with ice water. Now where is that Star Wars vid?
I remember getting this while waiting on line. Once we got this me and my friends looked at each other and knew this movie is going to suck.

Note: We switched Radio Stations as TalkShoe is now our main channel.
As you can tell by the widgets TalkShoe Radio has been moved up and Blog Talk Radio will be a monthly Show. All the specials aka Godzilla will be on TalkShoe for September.
Our official website has also beeen updated to show these changes.

Note 2: A New Test Run is now playing on Blog Talk Radio to show that change.

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