Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

They put a great collection especially the second clip being Comedy Relief which a lot of people and articles are leaving out. He did so much for that with Billy and Whoopi. I don't get that. Love all the clips except one. They could have left out Toys (that was horrible) and included Insomenia, a dramatic picture with Al Pacino out of all people. Willaims stood his ground mano o mano with Scarface. HOO AH HOO AH!

Hate to say this but this could help at the box office for Museum 3. "What another one?"
But people might want to see this as being in one of his last big pictures and the only one where he played the same character for a frachise.

This is an update from the above Yahoo article but decided to include it just to cover all th facts as we ll know that Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is not going to happen. It could have been one of last great ones.

Great stuff in here. Some are short some are long. My fav? No. 10, AFI Tribute to Al Pacino.

In the famous words of Academy Award Screenwriter William Goldman:
"Nobody knows Anything". Well so much for the expects.

Perfect choice. I always loved this movie from my childhood and now the have a great cast with Harris in the Yul Brynner part. Could it get any better? Check out the clip if you never saw the movie.

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