Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Favorite Robin Williams Movies

Here are my top 5 Favorite movies with Honorable Mentions to follow. More on the new Radio
Show this coming Friday.

1. Mrs. Doubt Fire
What a family movie should be with all the beats in place. Saw this again this week and still pulls aat the heartstrings while making laugh like crazy. The jokes never get tired. Won the Golden globe.
But he should been nominated for at least an Oscar for this.

2. The Bird Cage
A great remake which is better than the first as the third act takes it to the next level.
And seeing Gene Hackman as a one Ugly woman is the highlight to cap this perfect comedy.

3. Aladdin
All those voices, and those behind the scenes videos now being shown on how much improve he did for this movie.

4. Good Morning Vietnam
Total improve to make his transition from stage to screen. Smart on Director Barry Levinson to let him do what he did best with the cast actually cracking up and and their reactions caught on film

5. Dead Poets Society/ Good Will Hunting
Can we be serious here? These nominations were not a joke and the only comedian to be nominated for 4 Oscars and winning one as Best Supporting Actor for Good Will. Now that's a resume.
Lets not forget all the other nominations and wins: Best Actor Golden Globes.

Honorable Mentions:
World According to Garp: His first foray in Dramedy but not everyones favorite. Depressing tho.
Moscow on the Hudson: Love the foreign accent while doing his shtick.
Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Bit part but good to see him working with a Python.
Fisher King: Another Python work but him and Jeff Bridges made a great pair.
Insomnia/Awakenings: Going mano a mano with Al Pacino and Deniro. That's acting.
Bicentennial Man: Hisacting went thru the makeup so show a lot of heart. Why the hatred on this?
Night at the Museum: He was the highlight in both films and again funny with heart.

Note: New shows will start this Friday on Talk Show Radio and will continue this
conversation including Lauren Bacall and last week James Garner.
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