Monday, August 11, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams
Hard to believe and completely by surprised. I grew up with him in school watching Mork and Minday TV show and then seeing him get all those awards and doing those HBO Live on Broadway  shows by performing solo. And don't forget those Comedy Relief with Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg something the article above does not mention. He had it and still couldn't beat depression.
Shame. Too many to mention but Mrs. Doubtfire (yes there was rumor of a sequel) is my favorite and the very underrated dramedy,The World According to Garp with John Lithgow who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. They made a great team on that film. Go find it and see it.
DUH! Not surprised casue it's has it's built in audience. Movie wasn't as bad as the critics say but...

Not much as far as news like the one above which is still a shocker but to let you know..
Blog Talk Radio has been put on hold as technically there was too much headaches going on..
TalkShoe Radio wlll be taking over and if you look at the brand new widget on the right there's
 a quick Test Run playing right now. So we are going ahead with all the shows as plan with the
Godzilla and King Kong specials
Next show will address all the links on this blog and a summer wrapup review on the summer
movies as I didn't list them on this blog this past month.
So give a listen to the TalkShoe widget and let me know on the comment section what you think.

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