Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

I posted this info already but I loved the idea that it bumped Ninja Turtles the the turtles bumped the Guardians. Ironic ain't it? And there's still Japn and China for that $1B  goal. Maybe they can bumped Transformers 4? Now that would be sweet. And now the latest announcement is there are finally releasing The Musical Dancing Groot Tree as seen in the movie, well at least that's what the
guys at Midtown Comics told me. Tried to get the Pop Bubblehead but completely sold out.
Well it sure ain't hurting the movie at the box office. A small dancing tree, Hey Autobots roll out on that!

Talk about trees! Vin goes green and it so cool. Yeah I'm of those whose down with the earth,
saving the whales and all that, bla bla bla but I like the idea you can address more than one issue.

We all know this has been happening for years. And with Iron Man 3 especially catering to China for that box office, it is hurting the U.S. box office. Remember non of these years movies are crossing over the $300M mark like theold days with the 3D Imax prices added to boot.
But the real answer? It was in the opening monologue at the Emmys. That's why people are staying home and ratings are going thru the roof for TV/Cable/Netflix. etc. C'mon, did you run out saturday nite to see Sin City?No! You stayed home to make sure you didn't miss the new season premiere of Doctor Who.Well....that's what I did, lol.

I won't get into this much but when you have Breaking Bad winning and Game of Thrones getting all those nods, it goes to show you where all the talent went. It's all the acting and writing.
Not CGI, SFX, Green Screen and Micheal Bay blowing shit up.

Forget about Prometheus 2, the first one was just a remake of theoriginal Alien anyways. He should just concentrate on Blade Runner 2 before Harrison Ford breaks something else on his body.

The new radio sow will premiere tomorrow as I'm going to put everything for one big show.

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