Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Movie News

$400,000 for the first one? Asylum Pictures pay that much? He's lucky to be getting anything!
Love that last line: Network Executives are worse than any shark. No shit!

Didn't I say this yesterday? People put 2 and 2 together, that many in the cast and not many will have the screen time.Jet Li and Arnold were a Joke I must admit, they could have anyone in those spots. Full review this week with spoilers on the radio show since nobody cares about this anyways.

Changing the title on IMDB Page. Is the studio that desperate. Man I love this movie and recommend this on Netflix or your choice of viewing but all this does is lose even more people. Here's a title:
"The Tom Cruise Movie Nobody Went To See" Not even his name can clear the Box Office. Ouch.

Total Fail. But again Hollywood would love this, that's how desperate they are especially since they are the problem to begin with but of course they won't admit. More texting, jeez how sad....

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