Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Movie Links Plus Sneek Peak Of New Dr. Who Credits
I love when Millar trashes Hollywood like most writers of his profession. I hope this picture does good or we are not going to see the rest of the books done. Shame it took this long to get this made.
How about addressing the issue of Hollywood blowing all this money on overbudget movies that are mostly mediocre to begin with. But a Billion for a trilogy is nuts. Man that is a lot of popcorn.
This is going to be messy. 20th Fox can do whatever they want at this point. I already have these so how many more times am I going to double dip? When it happens then I'll think about it but for now, whatever happens, happens. I'm just looking forward to the next trilogy.
Helen Mirren would be perfect as the Doctor. What are they waiting for? Can't wait to see the new Doctor. Even when some people say he's too old, he's fits with the old school classic Doctors.
A sneek peak of the new Credits. Good for him. Looks pretty cool and fits the show nicely.

Note: New Radio Show will premiere this weekend before Billy Crystal honors Robin Willaims on the Emmys. Promo now playing on the new widget. Click on the arrow for the dropdown list.

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