Monday, August 04, 2014

Guardians Galaxy With Girl Power!

New Show From MNN now playing on You Tube. Please See previous post.
The studios didn't see this coming withthe huge numbers. But common sense  with any fan would tell you you have both Marvel and Star War fans together and you can't lose.
Good for her, hope she keeps on writing. Long article but lots of info. Rocket is for Rocky Racoon,
song from the White Album done bythe Beatles? YES!
Spoiler about that ending for Guardians even tho its the most talk about Marvel fact  being mentioned now.
Great 5 minute plus Video on the recap of all Marvel Heros including Gaurdians. Nicely Edited.
What a mess. This is going to suffer as thebox office. Hopefully it won't effect the international box office. Still want to see Jackie Chan, Brosnan, Seagal. What can I say, I'm on old fan of these guys.
This is really stupid FU money. I can see whythyeasked so much considering how much the networks are making on this, TBS and other synidcations all over the planet. But Jim Parsons is goin to be 45 yezrs old after the 3 years. How long can he be a 20 somehitng in college? But shitte he is funny along with the rest of them.

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