Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Godzilla in 4k Ultra HD ? Yes!
8 pictures behind the scenes gallery of the technology process of the 4k.
The Black and White 1954 release and the sequels getting a makeover with 4k. A few years ago when classic media and Criterion collection said this was the best they had to master and it would cost to much even if the technology existed back then. Well now it's a dream come true to finally clean up the masters. I'm sure $500M at the box office didnt hurt and then there's the BR/DVD release sales.
A dream come true of us Godzilla fans. Not bad for a guy in a suit. Who hell is laughing now?
Never mind some of the comments. Their are idiots that walk amoung us..
PS shout out to Stella Y from our Godzila Community on Google plus, for the heads up on the second article. Your the best.
Hey ho, lets go! Another one from old school and agroup I grew up, being a Nu Yurker of course.
This is in gret hands Marty being a New Yorker himself and music fan. Remember he was one of the editors on the film Woodstock. I met these guys and they deserve a bio pic from the master himself.
The Shatner of course is in the middle. Great selfie, shame Micheal Dorn is mostly cutout.
I tell people I worked on the show and a lot of people still haven't seen it. Well that looks like that's going to change. Day of in a life of a Background Actor will premiere in September when the damn radio show premieres. Hopefully this weekend.

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