Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

Reminder: Live MNN show now playing on You Tube. Please see Monday's blog.
It's pretty obious that's what they are leading too. Why make the damn thing to begin with besides starting a brand new franchise but the cross over possibilities are enormous.

Great Video that explains why these films suck aka Iron Man 3, Transformers 4 clearing $1 Billion,
Like the last line mentioned: "Look for Godzilla movies and 19 Transformers movies."
But once the foreign market smartens up what are they going to do for an encore?

Article about somebody bitching about the endings of these movies. Bla Bla Bla...
He mentions it's all part of the larger picture but still complains. Guess he had to write something.

Nice video that puts all the eggs in one basket. The 12 minute Plus video has all the movies but stops short before Guardians. Quite a few even I didn't notice mostly those signs in the background.

Batman has grey hair? Nope, that's Afflecks real Grey Hair. That's all the stress of doing this film.
That's right I said it. Poor guy. Oscar for Argo then this train wreck. Well he's got Nolan's next flic.

Bad idea? No bad approach is more like it. But would love to see Weaver in this. But check out
Asylum Pictures (Sharknado movies) Rip-off: Mercenaries. Good idea but man that poster needs to be Photoshop big time! Yikes!  Poster on the bottom of the article. Like I said; YIKES!

Best for Last:
Godzilla 2014 finally broke the $200M mnark and $500M internationally.
It seems that the Comic Con new help the US box office as it was hanging around the $195 for weeks and all of a sudden it pick up steam again. Repeaters or people who stayed away finally caved in?
What ever it took was worth it. But the strange thing is Japan with the numbers being really low
considering that's is Hometown. But then again overseas numbers tend to drag in certain countries.
But what the hell, we are getting are Kaiju trio to help Godzilla out with the franchise.
Note: Click on Foreign tab to see those numbers.

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