Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Movie News Plus The Live Show

New Show from MNN now playing on YouTube. Note: Watch out for the volume at the beginning
of the show as the engineer was tweaking the soundboard:
This was last weeks news but it still makes sense now that Turtles was No. 1 for 2 weeks now.
And how come nobody is surprise about this anyways, we had to see this coming. Good ole '80's/
Geez, we've been saying this on our shows since spring for crying out loud. DUH!
This got beat by "Lets Be Cops" then Guardians and Turtles. For this to premiere at No. 4 at the Box Office is a shame and an embarrasement. I doubt very much piracy is the problem since must of the downloads wre overseas anyways. People just don't care anymore. They even had Han Solo in the cast and that didn't even matter. A big cast with small returns. How wonder Sly is talking Rambo.
Guess he's talking more of Rush Hour 4 than anything else by now. And would anyone care about that? He also mentioned Shanghai Knights as a prequel. What movie was that? Hee Hee.......

Special Note:
He should have been in Bad Santa sequel instead. That would have had more of a kick.
No reason to cut his performance, just re-edit. And it does have the Monty Python crew to help out.

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