Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
This did worse than Expendables 3 when it premiered. Holy crap people stayed away. Actually I was disappointed myself as the script was week. Wait for Netflix, review coming tomorrow.
Good article explaining what went wrong or theexcues the studio are using to cover their tracks.
But the other big surprise that The Guardians were No. 1 again. Again selling that Dancing Groot didn't hurt either. Damn that thing is cute. On my shopping list by the way.
We alI remember him in Jurassaic Park and his 2 Oscars for directing and producing Ghandi. But I recommend "A Bridge To Far" as my favortie film of him directing. An all star cast including
Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Micheal Caine and more. Based on an actual event in WW2 abot a mission that was considered a failure. SEE IT on Netflix or whereever as this a a classic film and a great history lesson. FIY. Dont bother with the Blu Ray as they really screw that up big time. Lousy transfer all around. The special Editon 2 disc version has a whole bunch of features including Oscar Screenwritier William Goldman (Pincess Bride) commentary.
I would have loved No.3 but lets face it. No. 2 wasn't all that. The first one was unique and the second couldn't bring it up a notch. Just like Ex.l 3 and Sin City 2. And it's not the pirates who are doin harm like Moretz. Remember Ex. 3 was pirate was most watched overseas  but in the meantime it tanked here big time. It's the fans that care for the genre. Hell some went back to see GOTG again.
First True Blood went out with a wimper. That last show sucked (pun intended). No spoilers but
I thougth I saw a commercial trailer for New Blood, what the hellis taht about. I loved this show but once Sookie went Fairy theshow went out the window. Like Dexter another lousy ender.
Second Doctor Who: Lets face it, we all do it. I prefer the last Doctor this Doctor stinks.
The premiere was great I thought and he fit right in. The show started of great: Minor Spoiler:
Dinosaur in old England and brand new Credit sequence with updated music score. Fantastic.

Note: More links tomorrow and that new Radio Show will premiere part 1 and 2 as I decided
to include the Emmys and the Tribute of  Robin Williams for the show.

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