Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wednesdays Movie News Links
Multi-poage article has some great insights. So much to come for the next few years. It's all good.
Spoilers on the future of the franchise. Heck just bring it on!
Who wasn't a fan of Alyssa Milano from tv fame? Short but Cool video.
Spilers if you haven't seen  the movie yet. This is fun to know for those who want to see it again.
This is such a sweet article and Marvel being great about it. Unlike Warners/DC how they treated the creators of Superman and cheated them out of royalties. Here is a book I strongly recommend which I have mention on the shows a few times:
Superman VS. Hollywood By Jake Rossen. It includes Ben Affleck playing Geroge Reeves as Superman in the film Hollywoodland. The whole book is behind the scenes of movie studios.
Speaking of which.......
It's actually one scene redone a few times. Cool 4 minute plus video.
Recommended: Texas Chainsaw 3D, not a great movie but for the 3 commentaries, one which features
Burns as she recollects here days on the first film. Good sense of Humour considering the hardship of making the film. Also:
Chainsaw Confidential by Gunnar Hansen, the original Leatherface, who also makes a cameo in the
Texas Chainsaw 3D film at the very beginning. He tells all on the making of and who everyone got screwed in payments as all the vulture producers ran away with the cash. Sad but insightful.
Jeez these 2 guys? What about the females? Don't they count. By being this big cast ensemble is why the ratings went up and got a bigger female audience to boot. Actually Helberg (Howie) is the most talented as he can play keyboard, sing, write songs, do actor impersonations (check out bloopers on dvd discs) and can do broadway one day, so he's got the talent to back it up. But man is such FU money its not funny anymore.

Note: I squeezed a lot of links today as a wrap for the week as the next thing I'm doing will be the Radio show to end the week...

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