Thursday, August 07, 2014

Thursday Movie Link News - Holy Coward Batman!

Just when I thought I was done with News links for the week, more shit hit the fan, so here goes...
I've been saying this for years on our live shows with stop with the rebooting and retelling the same sotry over and over again aka Superman. But this is a great article that puts things in perspective. How wonder James Gunn got it right. And how wonder I've seen this twice so far.
Holy Coward Batman! We all knew they were going to move this, it was a matter of when.
Anything that Bayproduces outside of Transformers usually sucks and this will be no difference.
So what it beats Guardians this weekend, if it does, it has only one weekend to make its money as this will disappear faster than you can say cowabunga. I loved the first 3 movies growing up with them but these guys are too creepy human looking. Just doesn't look right.
T5: Useless Sequel. Cameron proved one thing. Without him this franchised aint worth shit. There.

Radio show will come this weekend for sure....

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