Friday, August 15, 2014

New Shows This Weekend

New show on MNN on Saturday at 5 Pm. We are going to review Expendables 3, Mercenaries (EX3 Ripoff), Ninja Turtles, and others along with our tribute to Robin Williams.
Also My Tribute and review of Robin Williams movies will premiere on TalkShoe Radio. This will be our first full show on that Radio Station.
Links and other news will be posted thiscoming Monday from yesterday and today as I did not have a chance to post since I had a looooong day being a background actor on a television show Thrusday.
"The Black List" NBCs big hit show will start it's second season I was lucky to be on the set for one of the shows being filmed for the new season.
"A Day in the Life of a BackGround Actor" This will be a special on TalkShoe Radio as I tell of my experiences of spending the day as a BG Actor on the set of The Blacklist" which filmed on location at Coney Island. For this reason after spending the whole day at the beach under the sun is why I'm so fried. Man that Sun is sneaky and is taking the whole day to recover for the shows this weekend.
This will premiere next week along with a big massive review show for the films in August.
THEN those Godzilla shows I promised now that we got sound issue out of the way.
And just in time for the Blu-ray Release of Godzilla 2014 coming in September. Please see Link below.


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