Monday, April 04, 2016

Not So Super Box Office

Blog Talk Radio now playing. Batman VS. Superman Boxoffice Review Part 2, coming soon.
Note: Due to falling for a prank I updated this blog to refleck that. Who knows, maybe some of us wanted to see Sack Zack happen. Either way we know Justice League will be dark like the others.
Warner's put Speedy on the fast track? Really? Wonder why? Guess the studio has to answer to the stockholders and have to answer for the disappointing boxoffice of twobigicons. Wow, this is so sad. Speedy? Well then I want my frigging Road Runner with Cayote getting his due! Beep Beep!
And Warner's said they are not worried. There'll will be when the home release will be less than stellar in sales.  But who gets last laugh out of all this? Affleck. This biggest outcry on the internet when his name was announced, looks like his dream of starring solo and directing Batman will finally come true.
Drop off by 78%. Ouch. Well so much for the $1 Billion mark. China basically killed it as it did with Star Wars being No. 1 of all time internationally.  After Sack Zack was official this weekend it's all full speed ahead with J League. What's funny they even couldn't even wait till Monday morning to give him his walking papers. That is Fk up for sure. Yep fell for this prank. STudio can't be that cold can they? LOL. Either way it comes down such a big franchise for Warners and coming up short at the boxoffice unlike Star Wars (here I go again) where it crossed the $2 Billion mark.  All articles on this on previous blog.
Hopefully the movie is just as exciting as this featurette. But I do love the way Singer is just recasting everyone (most) from the original cast aka Storm. etc. But will it be a burnout Boxoffice after Civil War and BvsS? That is the question.
Does this one deserve a solo movie? And again the question of hero burnout. Sure Deadpool did great but that left Antman  in the dust. Is this what is coming down the road?
The only thing this show killed was my patience. Over an hour to introduce Negan just to watch him bash someones head in who is not signed on to come back, Either that or one of the main actors who is going to act for a raise, lol.

Great interview with Director Donner on Superman 1 & 2 with Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando.

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