Thursday, April 14, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Reviews All Good

New Radio Show Now Playing: BvS Final Boxoffice. This blog will be updated through out the weekend. Podcast with David Brenner on Editing BvS included as bonus link below.

Friday Update:
We all know Jungle will be No. 1 and all that. But look where the predictions for BvS is, at the 9th paragraph. Talk about no love for the capes, lol. Well here goes the final nail in the coffin.
A lot of Rogue One preview here and some other cool stuff. Great collection of things to check out and already they have a Collectible preview for the Holidays. Can't wait can we, lol?

Minor spoilers if you haven't seen the trailers but nothing really new here. But the reviews across the board is that this is the better of both films were to superhero icons get a chance to beat the crap out of each other. Gotta love it. Two in one year. Not bad for us fans. And all predictions are pointing to the $1Billion mark for this one.
Yes! Hope he gets a raise this time, lol. The best part is the whole creative team is back for this one. If it's not broken not fix it. Now the creative team behind BvsS is back for JL. That is NOT what we want to hear. Fix it!
Now it's up to 4 sequels? What happens if the first one is not all that. Yes it would be rare since Cameron can't do no wrong but Avatar has some serious haters out there and couldn't care less about the sequels to begin with. He should finish the trilogy and take it from there. And maybe think about going back to Terminator and rescue that franchise.
They finally making this and it's about time. Guess that other giant dinosaur movie (Hint:JW) kind of  push it to getting it made. I read this back in the 1990's so it's long overdue. Spoiler alert: The movie ends with Statham biting the Gaint Shark to death. Only kidding but if anyone can, he could, lol.
Does anyone remember this? Not bad for an old flick. Highlight was Al Pacino as the main villian with makeup and all. And he got an Oscar nomination for this too! Kind of late for a sequel and Beatty is way to damn old. He should do the part of The Mummy instead but who am I to judge?

Bonus Link:
By request, this is a follow up to the yesterday's article which included deleted scenes from the movie. This is a lot easier to listen to than to read that long ass interview but he does cover a lot more ground on the editing process. Sack Zack should have edited the damn script to begin and he wouldn't have had such a mess. Check out at 20M into the video there's a picture of Batman meeting Superman the first time. Notice the Winnebago in the background. Talk about a small set, lol.

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