Thursday, April 28, 2016

Civil War Surprises and More

New Radio show coming soon.  Todays blog will be extended through out the weekend.
No. 1 for a third week in a row, now will it will be Civil War to take over for the next month or so, lol. Not much competition until Memorial Day with X-Men coming out (no reason to talk about Alice Wonderland 2) by then CW should be in the top 20 of all time.

Well on track with Avengers: Ultron which means at this pace it will break the $1Billion mark, something BvS should have done. Oops, that struck a nerve didn't it.
Very sad but kudos to Reynolds for keeping in touch with him all these years. That's the one thing all these Marvel actors do for their fans depending on the situation. Very nice.

All these numbers mean it's slightly behind Avengers: Ultron opening day. Which is not bad at all.
As mentioned before by next Monday we'll see the big numbers and how this will add up for the overseas market. When Star Wars and BvsS opened weak in China and India the writing was on the wall with TFA missing the No. 1 all time spot and Bats and Co. not seeing the $1 Billion mark. Will this happen to Caps and crew. No way.....
Cool 2 minute behind the scenes on the 17 minute battle sequence filmed on Imax. Another notch for the film.
Spoiler Alert about Spiderman. But maybe 3 different credit scenes involved at the end? Nice.
Can this tiny little thing kick ass as Lara Croft? Ask that little thing who played Wonder Woman, one of the best things in BvS and took me by surprise. Man I was so against that. While Ex-Machina was a waste of time Alicia did show her acting skills and got an Oscar win for it. Here's another win for her.
When Kung Fu Panda met Minions. Universal had a great year last year. Now they up the stakes with Dreamworks and the Dude behind Minions. Actually it was because of Minions is why this happened. Now who has final laugh?

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