Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Force Is Back on Blu-ray

Previous Blog Talk Radio Show still playing. BvsS wrap up coming this week.

The big reveal is that there are some things missing in this release which has come out already on the internet. And it does mention a possible double dip as in other Star War releases. So what is new with this. And it does mention of the 3D coming out later and that probably has features not included here. Of course they know the die hards will pick this up. Kaching! That greedy mouse. The article has some videos included in this article that are on the disc. Full review on my take on all this will be on the next Radio show.

Actually a one pic tease followed by previous released pictures but at least we know she's back to answer that question about her having that light saber in her possession.

While it brags it the second biggest Disney film, it's actually third biggest animation behind Minions! Thank you, lol. But the big surprise it's the second biggest ever in Russia. What's up with that?

Getting tired of this are we? Well I know I am, lol. Big overall breakdown and predictions as well as the aftermath of opening weekend. In one big wrap up, it looks like it will barely hit the $1 Billion mark. Which is not too shabby but compare to other movies like the one above it sure doesn't help matters. And then they expect another Man of Steel 2 to happen. Are they kidding, don't they learn about now?

The real question here is how are they going to match up the size of King Kong with Godzilla when they finally have their movie showdown. And hopefully it won't be so depressing as BvsS.

Yikes! Non of these were ideal for the role. And what's up with Megan Fox, jeez so overrated with Transformers to begin with. That Gadot actress worked out just fine after all, didn't she.

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