Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Force Is Strong with Blu-ray Review

New Radio Show Now Playing: SW: The Force Awakens BR Review.
Next show: Box Office wrapup including China and MTV Awards.

10 minute video on the making of TFA. While on the technical side its fun to follow the process. And this lost to Ex-Machina which won the Oscar for Best VFX? Don't get me started.

Thursday Update:
AT first I thought why are we going backwards on the story? We have Clone Wars and Rebels. But nothing like seeing those AT-ATs on the big screen. And with Edwards directing whom I've been a fan since "Monsters" (if you read this blog for a few years now, you know what I mean) this movie can't go wrong. A great blast from the past. Ps check out the next trailer and see a Grumpy looking Skywalker, funny.
Trailer broken down to 44 screen shots to catch the all details that you missed with the fast editing.
Not enough shots of the AT-ATs. So that was the disc closing on the Death Star, that's a first.

Got my copy today. While it has 45 minutes of bonus plus the 1 hour plus documentary, you can't help feeling that there is more content coming in future special editions down the road. The one thing really missing here is a Commentary from JJ who has down these before aka Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise himself. Either way a great package to add to the collection. My review on the BR will be on the next radio show.
And they said they were not worried about the boxoffice results from BvsS. They sure changed their tune on the subject. Besides being nervous (again) and changing things around, they only left is sacking Zack himself. Don't kid yourself.  At this rate anything can happened
3 minute clip from GMA. Interviews with most of the cast but of course while showing Spiderman, there's no mention of him.
Okay it's 2 actors from F7 but is it me or I couldn't help but look for Ewoks in the background?

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