Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Batman As Directed By Affleck

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This spread like wild fire last night as the news was posted late and already old news. But good news.
So lets see Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer and winner of 2 Oscars doing the new Batman solo movies. Gee what happened to Sack Zack? Oh yeah he's busy doing that other trainwreck. Remember when the internet screamed NOooooooooooo! When his name was announced the fans said he was going to ruin BvS, wow how soon they forget. Him and Reynolds have the final laugh. Underdogs win again, so cool. 

The film that is going to bury BvS at the box office. And already get great reviews. Holy Ouch, Batman. Anyways also at coming soon is the 2 hour video premiere which had a big lag on my PC. So I didn't know how it would play out as a link but you can catch it over there if you like.

While this was to be expected what they don't mention is the 3D format that Lucas wanted and a new transfer for Imax. Us old fans were there for the re-released in plain old 2D. It would be nice to see this revamped since we are not getting the original 1977 release and the 2 that follow. And those tidbits between the films. Why not save it for the Blu-ray release since they are going to milk that too.

Here we go again. Tony Stark visits Aunt May played by a hundredth time by a different actress.
Well at least they dropped the Amazing part of the title. I wonder how much Downey Jr is getting paid for his little part. Whatever it is, it's not enough. Hope he takes them to the bank for screwing up these movies in the first place.

If they pull this off watch every friggin crossover happen in the book. Except for Disney. They just want to hog everything for themselves like Spiderman going over to Civil War. Not thats a bad thing lol.

Save the Best for Last Link:
Right off the bat the show the new Godzilla at the beginning of the trailer then a lot of filler before showing him at the end. Is this the film itself. Like the Godzilla 2014 where he totals about 10 minutes of show time? Hopefully not. But the CG looks great for him.

Bonus Link:
Long ass interview but it explains a lot on what went wrong with the film. Almost a 4 hour cut for a fight that only last 10 minutes? And these are the guys that are doing Justice League, Yikes!
Includes deleted scenes that were trimmed from the movie.

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