Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Civil War Huge Overseas Opening

New Radio Show coming: End of Spring Special, Goodbye BvsS Hello Civil War, X-Men

Opening overseas in time for this weekend, all the numbers point for a big hit. Then comes in the rest fo the planet including U.S. and China and in two weeks we'll know if this will be bigger than BvsS. DUH! But the question will be will it have repeat performances along with legs before other films knock it off the No. 1 spot like BvsS. Double Duh! Still waiting to hear someone getting fired from Warners, maybe after CW opens, lol.

Now the flood gates have really open and anything that Disney made in the past 1000 years is getting remade, a sequel or whatever they got lying on the shelf. Can't blame them. The new generation is welcoming this with huge numbers at the box office, so who's fault is it?

Here is another actor to claim both Marvel and DC on his resume no matter how small the role. Butat this point of the game after winning the Oscar, don't you think he deserves a bigger part? Sure the JL has a big cast but he is Gorden after all and that is no small character for sure. It works as a TV show, doesn't it?

I don't care what anyone says. That Alien 3 sucked and we got screwed with our favorite characters dying and Sig getting the Bald look. Uuggh. But bringing back a 27 Newt is perfect. This is the film that should have been made as A3. Here's crossing the fingers.

Catching up on old news link:
Never heard of this dude actor and he's she's annoying in the trailer. Time to clean house on this show and reboot everything. And stop using that annoying hallway for every show, up the budget already.

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