Thursday, March 31, 2016

BvsS Leads The Weekend Again

New Radio Show Now Playing!. The Big Batman VS Superman Review Part 1.

New Update:
Holy Fired: Sack Zack actually happened! He's out and George "Mad Max" Miller is the new Director! $15M intake on Friday was the final nail in the coffee. Which mean less than $50M for a second week. And yes China helped that nail too. But with Miller in, shit just got real. Somebody WAS thinking by having him as producer on board  just in case. But man that was so fast.
Well I did say somebody was going to lose their job, who would think it be him?

Saturday Update:
Holy Crap, Batman. Down to No. 4 already in it's second week in China? And you thought I was over the top with the article below in Friday's update. This basically kills it's over the $1Billion mark at the international boxoffice. Now it depends on the repeats but as far as legs even that doesn't look good at this point. See next article below. Ouch.
Sure it will lead this weekend because of no competition but...Dropping 65% on the second weekend is alsonot good news. Hey don't mad at me. Blame the professionals in this business who think they know everything and somehow like Star Trek Wrath of Khan: "..But you keep missing your mark!" Last update till Monday when the smoke clears and the body count starts piling up (somebody will get fired, lol)

Friday Update:
The key word here is Juggernaut in the second paragraph. It even hasn't cleared a $100M in China yet which F7 did in the same amount of time. Like China remembering how bad Phantom Menace trilogy was which might have effected TFA, they probably remembered Man of Steel. They are not too forgiving it seems and easily hold a grudge, lol. How else do you explain "Mermaid" being the biggest money maker in China. While the environmental message was great and the villain found redemption, two cool plot points, the film wasn't all that. Not with 3 superheros fighting a bigger than life creature to the death.
Now this is scary, even the expects are throwing caution to the wind. Well I did mention the repeats will keep this going the movie should have legs but when B.O. Mojo says lets see what happens, I'm glad my future career is not at Warners.

While crossing over that mark, it looks like it's not going to break any new records. This weekend will tell all once the numbers come in on Monday. And the big letdown is that it already opened in China and doesn't have that to look forward to and those sales are meh as it is. Just like Star Wars.
Dozing off are we? Well the way I felt with the first hour after seeing it a second time. Still get a kick out of the second half tho. Got invited a second time so why not? And I'm still getting the Blu-ray wich ever rated edition is. Here's hoping for a commentary.
This has been going on for a week now. But to late considering that Zack is ready to do JL back to back. But one thing I like to see are the solo Batman being directed by Affleck himself. He did pull it off with Argo, and Oscar winner and he himself is a two time Oscar winner. So why not? Can it be any worse. And maybe we can get a great chase scene in the daytime. Those nighttime scenes are a killer on the eyes.
What, it doesn't pay off that good anymore. Never kill your bread and butter. Of course he wants to be taken serious and do some heavy drama and the like. Well it work for Danny Elfman so why not?
Massive spoilers involved. But already there's talk of the series coming to an end. With all the movies coming out that might be a problem with some other franchises. Btu ti works for both MCU and DC and with all those Iconic characters like Darth Vadar showing up on the show this can go on for much longer than they have planned.

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