Monday, April 11, 2016

Move over DC, Here Comes MCU

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So, where is Spiderman in the poster? Anyways after that big trailer on the MTV awards it's all MCU from here on up. First with Melissa taking away the No. 1 spot and with Jungle Book around the corner this will pave the way for Civil War with Spidey's big introduction in the MCU where he belongs. Batman Vs. Who? They better hurry with that Justice League thing and quick.
Even better news for Civil War. With great reviews coming in already for the film, this will be icing on the cake for Marvel fans. Well, this should make up for that DC disappointment.
While we all knew this was going to happen, details should be taken with a grain of salt. Either way, this is what DC is facing. Marvel has plan A, B and C (just in case) DC is just throwing shit to the wind and crossing their fingers.
Poor Leo and that damn bear, lol. All in all some good fun even tho this was rigged to the hilt with the awards. Notice those who won were there and no losers in sight. Especially when NWA came down the staircase when they won. How did they know? And where did the audience get those lightsabers. Who cares, all hype and all fun.
The big question here is still how the size will match with Godzilla. But since this takes place during the Vietnam War during the early 1970's he could go to sleep at the end of the movie to wake up present bigger than usual thanks to scientists playing God of course. Anything is possible.
After adding Charlize Theron now we have Eastwood joining the cast who is the spitting of his Dad. "Do you feel lucky Punk?" This will be a be a real breakthru that he needs to make his own name.

China taking over Hollywood? This was on the show last night and I included this trailer. For the full segment you can go to the 60 Minutes website for a better download. This will be mentioned on the new Radio show this week. A real eye opener. And remember "The Mermaid" made over $500M and BvS tanked! Even Pacific Rim made over $200M over there. What gives?

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