Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Civil War Promos and More

New Radio Show coming this week. SW:TFA BR Review still playing. See bonus link added below which was not covered in last weeks blog.

Warning: While not major spoilers, it does reveal some major scenes so what do we get?
2 B roll videos with behind the scenes, and 5 videos with over 12 minutes worth of footage and over 30 pics in the gallery! Now that's what I call a promo. This is going to do some box office damage for sure when this is release. And let's not forget our friendly neighborhood Spiderman added to the mix.

"This is a Sony Pictures production of a Marvel Film". Thanks for heads up. Now we know this is going to suck like the others. Control freaks who can't admit to themselves they don't have a clue on what they're doing with this property. And the same people to did AS2 are doing this. Jeez, they don't learn do they.

Cool 4 minute video on the making of the film that is going to bury BvS. Disney is so proud of this fact that they gave the greenlight for a sequel. A sequel? This hasn't even come out yet for crying out loud! Hey is that a 800 lb. gorilla in the film?. Sorry that's just Disney in the room.

Ok so Sly has another coming down the pike but what happened to Expendables Franchise?

Bonus Video:
The Actor who played as The General  in TFA along with Poe Damon character were both in Ex-Machina out of all things which won for Best VFX Oscar over SW:TFA. I like to ask these actors what they think of that! And never mind its a acting gig!

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