Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Star Wars 8 And Other News

New Radio show coming on Thursday: Civil War, Box office predictions, etc.

One of my favorite models to build in the good old days. Can't wait to see what other ones they are bringing back. Also includes video for charity with BB8 and Oscar Isaac.

Molte Benne! Cool behind the scene with green screen, on the set in Italy. Reminds me of all those old Hercules movies  with Steve Reeves and Gladiator movies back in the day.

And it keeps getting better and better no matter how over the top the storyline gets. But the show does have imagination no matter how silly the plot. My only problem is why is this at the same times slot as Supergirl? I usually see Gotham then catch up with Supergirl. Great double header.

For starters, they got this mostly right. My favorite character is Cat Grant who's always on her case. Flockhart gets some great lines. Last one being on mentioning Harrison Ford: "I don't date older guys" of course in real life both are an item. But about those SFX budget, cut back on the cast and those guest stars and put it to the effects. Some of them are just plain awful.

It took this long to switch to the DC Universe after doing Spiderman all those years ago. You can dowrong with Dafoe as a villain. Whatever character it is, it will be good.

Updated news now stating Cameron is filming all for at the same time! That most be confusing for everyone involved that's for sure. But what happens if after the first sequel the rest tank at the boxoffice and people are just tired of seeing tall blue aliens? Glad it's not my money producing these.

Whichever way you look at it, this does not look good for a 50th anniversary film. Just having new alien villains for the film when they have so much in the catalog to pick from just reminds of ST. Cardissians anyone?

One date that slip through the crack was the anniversary last week of the tragedy. This new video shows the sinking but scroll to the last 10 minutes where the first funnel falls down. This shows the other 2 funnels falling down and the second half of the ship turning to it's side before sinking. Some thing Cameron's movie does not show.

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