Thursday, April 21, 2016

Civil War Outselling Previous Marvel Movies

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Review: 1 out of 5. Spoiler: Charlize is in the first 10 minutes then the last 20 minutes of the movie then she dies. You'll thank me when you see this on a rainy night 2 for 1 Redbox special. Emily is totally miscast (loved her in Edge of Tomorrow, that Cruise flix) and the movie is a total bore. At 45 minutes Thor fights these blue creatures and they all look like I Am Groot! Wow no imagination.

According to Fandango as far as tickets sales. You also have Finding Dory as best selling family film but the female Ghostbusters as best selling Comedy. Ok somebody is getting bribed,
The movie that no one was asking for no matter who the actors are. And those costumes are just in your face, lol.  A prequel out of all things.Jungle Book will be No.1 again until the big Civil War.
2 Commentaries? Yes! plus the usual features aka deleted scenes and more. But having the cast in one commentary and the director on the other is a great way to enjoy this. Another one for the collection.
Purple Rain was one of my favorite Musical Films right up there with Hard Day's Night, Saturday Night Fever among others. At 57 years old is way to young especially when he was coming out with so much music in the past couple of years along with touring a lot more than he used to. I was lucky to see Prince at the Purple Rain Tour in Long Island at the Nassau Coliseum (it was available on VHS a long time ago) and again at MSG during the Under The Cherry Moon tour (we don't talk about that movie). He was a big influence on me as far as being a multi-musician, 1999 album being a big influence along with Purple Rain. While he did have some quirks at least he didn't have a pet named Bubbles.
Great trivia but myfavorite two are: When doves Cry almost didn't make it on the soundtrack. Whew that was close. And Prince called songwriter J. Cain from rock band Journey to make sure there was no stepping on the song Faithfully. The intro chords is the same progression and sounds familiar to some songwriters but come on, This Is Prince!
Now we're talking. So what's the price tag for RDJ to do this. Doesn't matter, it just puts Sony in it's place for screwing up in the first place. Hope it's a HUGE check, lol. That'll teach those suits.
While I thought the first two films were kind of lame especially thesecond I wouldn't mind seeing him with a third. He is great with that English accent when he does Sherlock. And with Director Ritchie and hopefully Jude Law returning maybe this will be the best of all three.
This was the last film that Composer James Horner wrote before he died even before the film was even made! How this worked out remains to be seen. But this is one of the many things to look forward to for this western. A genre that I grew up with. While the idea is the same at least it doesn't look at all like the original. A big plus.

Bonus: There was no blog on Wednesday so this is an add on for Thursday.
Besides Goldfinger being a favorite, I get a kick out of Diamonds of Forever and personal favorite Live and Let Die, Roger Moore's first outing as James Bond. Which was a huge influence on Sam Mendes for Skyfall. It also had the best Bond song, lol. Check out the commentaries on the BR editions, he gives you a lot of insight on the making of those.

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