Monday, April 18, 2016

CA:Civil War Box Office Predictions Already?

New Radio show coming this week: BvS VS Civil War Box Office. (No it's not a joke, lol)
$200 Million opening? DUH! Holy Civil War! Fans were disappointed in that other superhero showdown and this has Spiderman back in MCU. How can this fail? And if the track record holds this will break the $1B World Wide mark for sure. Of course this does not help the Justice League franchise what so ever.
While this sounds like a plant from DC Inc. and basically a waste of an article as far as MCU having the final win, I included this mainly because of the animation and pictures included in the article.
REview: 3 out of 5. I grew up with the animated musical and sang Bare Necessities all over the house when I was a kid. So of course I prefer that instead of this version which was too dark for me. While the CG and cast was good, except for miscast Walken , I'll stick to with the 1967 version which was a lot more fun. But this is killing at the boxoffice world wide for now, right Captain America?
All three of them going to TV? Wow, at one time these were the big box office stars of their day. But seeing all 3 of them together will be fun as heck as both Gibson and Russell have done westerns with Kurt doing Tombstone. One of his Best Roles with Val "I'm your Huckleberry" Kilmer (and of course Batman) And Gibson doing Maverick who is Directing, writing and starring in the show. The original show got cancelled due to low ratings. Guess Captain Kirk and 007 Jaws couldn't save it. Yep both William Shatner and Richard Kiel starred in the show back in the 1970's..

Another article from last weeks topic on the editing of the film and the 4 hour cut. This explains on what happened to Lex storyline which hopefully will wind up on the Blu-ray release.

Bonus 2:
From the film Hollywoodland. The story of George Reeves who played Superman on tv. Laugh all you want but this underdog has the final laugh of the year by getting the Batman Franchise.

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