Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Civil War London Premiere

Lots of Marvel news today. Also New Radio show coming soon: Civil War vs BvsS box office.
Many pics and videos with more Spiderman footage in the new promo. And now word has it he's open for IM4 after getting $40M for S:Homecoming. Just stick with Avengers and leave as that.
Now that's smart business. Let Sony pick up the tab and tell them what to do. Hysterical. Keep this up and it's matter of time before they get a hold of the other rights aka FF and X-Men.
Check out No. 10 as Spiderman got an costume upgrade. And how can Puerto Rico be so expensive to film at? With the economic situation down there it should have been the cheapest!
This is funny. That Ryan Reynolds? The one who did Deadpool and not the neighborhood mailman who's always late with the mail everyday? Got that got settled. Oops sorry for calling you out Mailman Reynolds, lol. Should have brought the mail early instead stopping off at the bar. Oops did it again.
No talk of NYC yet? That's when this film will kick into overdrive. A nice crazy chase right down Broadway Times Square.. And run over a few of those annoying Costume guys while their at it.
Why this is a trilogy is beyond me. Forget about all this and reboot A3 already.

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