Monday, May 02, 2016

Civil War Huge International Box Office

Live on MNN coming this Saturday for our 26 years on the air. More details tomorrow. New Radio show also coming later this week.
Forget about everything else. Civil War will hit the Top 20 of all time and the $1 Billion at this rate.
And final note on BvsS. While it will cap at $900M while not bad numbers as it is, but when you compare with Nolan's Batman this is a real disappointment.  And having Civil War kicking ass all over the box office doesn't help matters either.
5 minute video interview  and over 90 pics in the gallery.
Beware ! Already this is out and really not fair since the film is not out yet. I read it and have some regrets. While it doesn't bother me to find out that the Butler did it aka HANS DIES, duh Ford was wishing that for years, There are some spoilers here that ruins the ending of the movie. You are warned, lol.
Piracy? Really.  This is just a cheap excuse hiding the fact that they have no faith in these films and afraid to look bad when the films get release. Never mind spending money somewhere else on marketing. A crap film, regardless of title, is a crap film. Something their hiding from us?
Cool pictures. They need for the Falcon to see more action in this next picture. The last one was more of  a tease than anything else. Yep sure got spoiled to see that ship again.
Well the writing is on the wall for this one. Considering McCartheys The Boss has bombed at the box office, she alone won't be able to carry the film and it looks like nobody cars. Looks like the first official train wreck of the summer.
Surprise! Spoilers all through the article so don't read if you haven't seen the show. Duh. But a nice surprise never the less.

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