Tuesday, May 31, 2016

X-Men Box Office Let Down

Finally a new radio show coming this week. Also Live on MNN this Saturday.

While $80M is not to shabby compared to Alice $34, it still looks like people are getting a little tire out with their superheros.Especially when their story lines are familiar. But the biggest surprise is Civil War hasn't broken the top 10 all time list. It needs another $100M to beat IM3and it looks like it's slowing down for it to get there. One more weekend will tell us.

Well X-Men is he's bread and butter but after the this lame weekend now it all depends on the international box office. But he sure walks the line with BvS. X-Men was just as bloated as BvSand still camein shorton story and a long ass ending.

Thought I was badtough on Depp, this article really needs Pirates to succeed. But what was anyone thinking about Alice 2 anyways? The sequel no one was asking for.

How did that happen? Over Lion King and behind Avatar? And lets face it all three are not that original to begin with. And fourth biggest behind Toy Story 3, Minions and Frozen. So who did Disney paid off?

What's wrong with this picture is Disney tight when it comes to reshoots so maybe the film might be in trouble. But whatever it is they need to hurry to meet that deadline. 6 months can go by very fast especially adding all those SFX

Wow he's lining them up big time. Also announced on Friday was "Skyscraper" a Die Hard meets Towering Inferno (70's disaster flick, look it up IMDB) filming in China.  But he still insists that Big Trouble in Little China is still on. That is the one he should avoid. That film is so dated it wouldn't work now.

Lunch box from KFC.. Latin promo in early May when I was down in PR.

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