Friday, May 06, 2016

Civil War Box Office Champ

 Season Premiere, Live on MNN, Saturday May 7 at 5 pm on Ch. 56, click here:

Mini-Review: Civil War: 4 out of 5
Pros: Big fight scene with Spiderman getting more than enough screen time considering it's a pretty crowded cast to begin with and the Ant-Man big surprise. Did not see that coming! Repeat for sure.
Cons: Tired of that Witch & Hawkeye matchup but at least not much screen time was spent on it.

Saturday Update:
Heading to be one of the top 5 openers of all time. Projected to be $190M for the weekend. Nice.

Another huge win for Marvel and with the international doing massive business this will have repeats and legs, something DC needs for Suicide Squad and BvS needed.
People all over the internet are complaining abut this casting. Only time will tell if this works out. I'm not being on these prequels to begin with and having someone who doesn't at least look like the character is off putting to say the least. Ford said himself to future actors: Don't do it!
$3 million an episode? Well it's sure not on the special effects that's for sure. Some of them are quite awful. But this is still one hell of a fun show and you do get a lot of story in one episode. But what gets me is all the money the network is making and they're bitching about the money. Really?
Speaking of greed, what is CBS going to do if this show tanks with the fans? Remember Enterprise?That sold like crap when they released the series it on DVD. And fans are going to torrent this like crazy just for spite against the network for taking advantage if they like the show to begin with. A no win if you ask me.
You have to give it to the producers of findings ways of keeping the show fresh and interesting after all these years. While that find and dandy this show has run out of gas long time ago. What they should do is pack it in and get on to the movie sequel long overdue. And the timing would be right as animation is huge right now at the box office.

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