Tuesday, May 03, 2016

It's A Wrap For BvS At The Box Office

"I'm Batman, I make over $1 Billion at the Box Office. You failed us. This is your fault!"

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Ouch! They're writing this off before Civil War comes out in the U.S.. The body is not even cold and already they buried it. This includes 2 charts: The First one shows where it stands along the other movies and the Second has the monetary chart. Just looking at China's box office is an embarrassment and that's in second place on the chart. Ouch!

2 characters which I don't like as part of the Avengers team. I hope they concentrate on this like they did on Ultron. Enough with this and move one to the others already. Good interview through.

Is the studio reading these comments posted? These are the fans who are not even looking forward to No. 3. Especially after that trailer. The scary thing Pegg is responsible for the script which sounds like one of the weak tv episodes bloated for the big screen. And that damn motorcycle......

By the writer and producer of Bone Tomahawk. While ending of the movie was total kick ass, it took 90 minutes of boredom to get there. A wanna be Tarantino with long speeches. That's what Puppet Master doesn't need! short and sweet to the point. Get the makers of Chucky instead. They know puppets with a sense of humor.

This is what should have been on the original release especially the Making of...And Ridley Scott always does commentaries for his films so this is not a surprise as far as the double dipping is concern. But the one film comes to mind is The Force Awakens. Where are the rest of those and commentary from JJ who also does commentaries. May the double dip be with us.

Lobster with Colin Farrell: 1 out of 5. Total bore and too weird. Beware of hype, not fun at all.
The Boss: 1: I only remember one gag. Her thrown against the wall from a bed. That's it.
Criminal: 3 out of 5: Costner was cool as a mental kickass.  Underrated with a great supporting cast.
Huntsman: 1: Groot should sue for the lookalikes with Emily Stone totally miscast. Yawner.
Jungle Book: 3: While the SFX with actual kid looked great I still prefer the animation. More fun.

We are going back Live on MNN this Saturday at 5pm. We are starting our 26 years on the air.
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