Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Civil War Runaway Box Office

Slow news week but radio show still coming.

Thusday update:
Now the bet is will it top Zootopia as the big hit of the year by passing $900M and reaching the $1 Billion mark. At this pace it looks like it will with no competition until X-Men and even that won't be much of a challenge,.

What's interesting here is that Del Toro himself is ust being the executive producer and not directing the picture himself. This is the studio saying "we're having others directing and wirting this to keep under budget".

Once upon a time you would only hear of Andy Serkis name being mentioned in Mo-cap. Good to hear there's more names being recognize in this field. And anyone working on those Planet of the Apes reboot are exactly the ones you need to pull the new King Kong.

Wow that is fast for a Marvel sequel. And it looks like it's going to break the $1 Billion mark. Wonder if including Spiderman kind of helped it at the box office. Duh!

Second Wow for the day. Over $1 Billion in U.S. alone! What is scary with this is the studio can start making deals with other studios like they did with Sony's Spiderman and take over all the other franchises. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink: Warner's DC catalog anyone?

A superhero movie for $30M from the guys of Captain America? That alone I like to see how they are going to pull that off. Even Deadpool was made for a little bit more but at the sacrifice of having more X-Men. A joke within the movie that mentioned it, making it one of the funnier moments.

Cool video with Capt. Picard haning out on Byran Singers cell phone. Pretty funny remake by Stewart.

So Mad Max is doing Stormtrooper cameo thing aka Daniel Craig which was one of the funnier moments in TFA. So who are they going to get for SW9? Anyone for a Dr. Who cameo? Pick the actor.

Nice breakdown on directing the Flash as told by Smith. A fan boys dream to say the least.


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