Monday, May 16, 2016

Civil War $1Billion This Week

Hopefully a new radio show this week. Busy as heck since I got back so hopefully soon.
Ready to break the $1 Billion mark, make the top 20 of all time and 4th biggest superhero movie behind Iron Man 3, which needs to be knocked off anyways. DC really needs Suicide Squad to do huge to save face.
While I have no problem with females leading the charge aka Ghostbusters, it will be strong enough as a solo project. While Wonder Woman can hold her own as in the TV Series, can Harley and crew hold theri own. My main worry that this will push Marvel into Black Widow who does need a solo movie. I'm just thinking Wolverine and those suck.
Speaking of Iron Man 3, this corporate thinking is what is killing DC.  Another bad decision along with messing Mandarin is why I hate this damn picture so much.
Wow what a long ass article. But worth it. Scroll to the bottom for the behind the scenes video and that photo of Yoda is a keeper. Most video game adaptions bomb at the box office but this could be the big surprise of the summer. It just looks great.
Sorry Dolph too old and you don't even know the character that good.And I'm speaking as a Dolph fan.  Actually it really doesn't matter who they get since it'll go thru a CG process of some sort. Love the Deadpool Blu-ray with the two commentaries. Hugh Jackman helped out getting the movie made more than people know.

Was that a cool ending where Homer takes live phones calls? This article explains how they did that.
Note: Also includes link to a Youtube channel by an animator using this software. Nice.

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