Wednesday, June 01, 2016

BvS Ultimate Edition

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Friday Updates:
Now that's funny, how wonder the Cinematographer is not working on on Justice League. Sounds like he wasn't a fan of the movie he worked on. What a diss, lol

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio which would have been he's biggest break in his career, kind of got cheated on that one. And Vulture, both in which Ben Kingsley and John Malkovich where signed up for and even tested the costume. Well that was screwed up all round. Well at least The Vulture might finally make it in the new Spiderman. Hopefully.
Besides showing extra bits in the trailer, it has lots of features included but where's the commentary?
Zack always does a great job with his commentaries unless they plan to double dip like they did with 300 which had multiple editions. Talk about milking it. Trailer and over 100 pics are posted here.

Big news here and this is why Marvel gets it right. Especially after that X-Men let down. But still after the massive $1Billion mark for Civil War, that has stalled at No. 14 international box office failing to take out Iron Man 3 by $100M. So what's going on here. Check out the bonus link on the bottom of the blog and I'll let you figure it out.
It looks like they are really wraping this trilogy up if they are going for the old look. Yep looks like another reboot is heading for this franchise.
How convenient, she directed BBC1 The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston. Well hell, if that work then these two together making the next James Bond should work out. Mendes said he's done and Craig looks like he's out....see next link..
2 seasons on Showtime starting in 2017. Yep that kills it right there for Bond. But why turn that kind of crazy money for Bond that was offer? Cause he's the executive producer which gives him a higher title than actor followed by more crazy money. Short cut: repeats and BR sales, etc he'll make more here than the two bond films. Makes perfect business sense. The money is in streaming. Check out Clive Owen in The Knick. 2 years on that show and he cleaned up.

I put this down here cause some hard core fans will go in denial and scream that this is not the reason why X-Men did MEH at the box office. I do I agree with this? I'm just glad you're reading this blog even tho I got very few hits on the last blog about the let down at the box office. Holding that against me are you? lol.

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