Wednesday, May 04, 2016

May The 4th Be With You

Live on MNN back on this Saturday. New radio also coming before that.
Nice video for charity right on time for the day. Gotta admit I was waiting for the line "It's a trap!" After the video you'll see Mark Hamill doing his bid. Like Star Trek and other franchises, it's great when they make these videos for awareness for various causes.
Check out the "Jabba Flow". Hamilton meets Star Wars! Mr. Miranda and JJ do an live improve video live for the song. So Cool. And congrats to the cast for the 16 nomination on the Broadway hit.
With the success of Daredevil on Netflix this would be the best direction for the franchise. Got to give it to Urban for not giving up on this. While he does have the Star Trek franchise, he's stuck it out like Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool to keep this alive. And now looks like there's a payoff. Cool.
While I agree this needs to be redone since the original Midway movie from 1976 with Henry Fonda and an all star cast with actual battle footage, was a major disappointment, hopefully this won't be a disaster like Micheal Bay's Pearl Harbor. That was a major remake of 1970's Tora Tora Tora, which was a American and Japanese production and more faithful to the events. Emmerich and a historic event? I don't know if he's the right director for this. Check out the 18 documentary included in the article with actual footage from the battle.
Another remake from the 1970's. My thoughts? While it's noble to go back to the original material, something that legendary Director Sidney Lumet wanted to do and couldn't, These guys should have just done the movie anyway the studio wanted. First time out and your first maor breakthrough is something you do not turn down no matter your principals and morals. I mean, it stars Bruce Willis for crying out loud! Did they think they were making a classic?

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