Wednesday, May 25, 2016

X-Men Vs. Alice Box Office Weekend

Radio show now playing: Civil War Pt. 1.  This blog will be extended for the rest of the weekend. Mini-review: X-Men, 3 out of 5, Great Quicksilver scene, ending drags way too long.
And the projected winner is X-Men. Depp took a beating (no pun intended, lol)  on Friday night. Wow mother's death, divorce, another movie bombing. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.

Friday Update:
Mini-Review: 3 out of 5. A reboot with a bigger budget hiding under disguise with Apocalypse as center topic. Minor spoiler! Felt like I was watching the same theme again. They fight each other and one of them gets huge like Godzilla  aka BvsS and Civil War. They should have cut the ending which ran way too long (kill the basterd already!) and they would have room for Jubille. Scene to be seen on the BR disc. And yes Wolverine does a 5 minute cameo kicking ass and disappears. Wow, disappointing.

Also included is the original "Revenge of the Jedi" trailer before it was pulled to change the title to "Return of the Jedi".
While X-Men will do huge, is anyone really interest in Alice considering how bad the last one was?
Depp needs this one to do great as his last chance for box office gold will be the Pirates franchise.
They make a cute couple. Short video along with 99 pics.
Cool 6 minute interview with Isaac and the difference between on both X-Men and Star Wars franchises.  A couple of years he got nominated and some where like, Who? Now look at him, how lucky indeed.
Sounds like they have no faith in the JL franchise. And that BvsS fiasco didn't help matters. A big sign of desperation. And even if it is a big hit, there's not much competition in August, will the spinoffs work as well. They can't all be Deadpool, lol.
A female redo of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?  Well that won't happen when this tanks. People have already made up their minds and these girls don't have a chance. My main problem with this is not the female angle at all. It's when you have comedian ensemble and the jokes stink. Think
of Sandler's Grown Ups. All those comedians for a lame ass comedy.

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