Monday, May 09, 2016

Civil War 5th Biggest Opening

New Radio show finally coming this week. Live on MNN now playing on YouTube.
Well at least it took out Iron Man 3 as that did not deserve it's status. But we all know what should have been in the top 5 here don't we. Well that's why Warner/DC promoted Ben Affleck...Next.....
Well shit just got real. Not only Batman but now JL. Sack Zack better real careful now as in this business Affleck can just drop a note and Zack is outta there. That's the power of Executive Producer can do. It doesn't hurt that he got an Oscar for Producing Argo and directing it along with an Oscar for Screenwriting. With both Deadpool (blu-ray sales) and Civil War making huge money Warner's is not taking chances. Good for Affleck.
Why the 90's. That was such a boring decade.. Actually you can't even tell when these movies take place. Take a way a few props and characters and it could be any decade. Blame the budgets on that. But speaking of X-Men....
This is a Singer's baby. If if the universe is a mix bag with some good movies and some lousy ones, looking at you Wolverine. What Disney should do is buy out Fox and all of it's properties and bring over Singer and let him run the properties since Fox doesn't have a clue what to do aka F. Four.
Bring it on. These are always fun. And always a good body count. And rather see Damon do this instead of that spinoff with Hawkeye which was just plain awful.

The Writers explain how they manage to include Spiderman without all the drama of rebooting.

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