Monday, May 23, 2016

X-Men Week

New Radio show now playing with Pt. 2 coming this week. Live on MNN is playing on our Youtube channel. Video is playing on bottom of this blog.
While Angry Birds did take the no. 1 spot, the thing to look at is Caps and crew in the top 20. Needing just $150M (no brainer) where in the top 10 will it land especially during the Memorial Weekend with it's only competition being X-Men which has been getting less than Stellar reviews.
Already a deleted scene? Something to look forward to on the BR disc. This scene along with 5 other promo are included.
5 videos included plus gallery included. Thanks to these videos today I can make this blog short so you have tie to check all these out, lol.
While the article complains he's has a small role in the film at least he's in it so it can be in the same timeline so these characters can show up in future films. Picky picky picky.
I want to stick my head in a sand and make this go away. 5 year mission? Make it 5 months and call it a wrap.

Bonus: Lots of trivia included even tho I miss some other details These will be included in the next Radio show.

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