Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Details on SW: Rogue One

New Live on  MNN this Saturday at 5 PM on Ch. 56 along with a new Radio Show before that.

Along with the details, lots of great images included even if they are not final. Just as summer is around the corner (still feels like November here in NYC) at least we know how the year will end after all these blockbusters this year.

Very short video but still looks like a cool prop. Loved the first film and hope this works just as good. Anytime you have Aliens attacking Earth is always fun no matter how bad the script is, lol.

The X-Men spinoff is still on the boards with a female Wolverine to take over. But what happens if X-Force tanks? Hope their ready to hand over a big check to Hugh Jackman for a comeback.

Does it matter who comes back for these? It's all about Prime and his crew. And didn't Micheal Bay say he wasn't going to make these anymore? Oh I forgot, KACHING!

Well here starting that China/U.S. made films first emtnmentioned on that 60 minutes episode a while back. But didn't they learn from previous films based on video games and especially Pixels with Adam Sandler with bombed last year? And to top it off they're going to make it a trilogy?

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