Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Big Summer Movie Guide

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Now it's just a matter of where in the Top 10 of all time it's going to land. Near the top 5 maybe?
Finally we're getting The Vulture after both John Malcovich (part 3 instead of Venom) and Ben Kingsly trying out in full costume. Now with Iron Man being in the movie it could be a matter of time before Disney getting their hands on this property.  PS I had that comic book issue with The Vulture, the first time I read Spiderman hence why I 've been looking forward to that villain.

Despite the shakeups Sack Zack still has he's job since they started filming JL. But remember what happened to Richard Donner when he was let go in the middle of Superman 1-2 with Christopher Reeves to be replaced with Richard Lester. That can happen here. The big surprise is them fixing the third act of Suicide Squad. Being over cautious doesn't help matters. Can't wait the outcome on that.
They are putting to much faith in all these other movies. Civil War will still rule big time. Angry Birds has lots of talent of no big name, Neighbors 2 been there done that and Crowe hasn't had a hit in years. Caps and crew win this round. 2 More weeks and we'll see CW near the Top 10 all time.
Speaking of Suicide Squad, the article highlights this very film. My favorite part is the third part, Anyone's Guess: Both Independence Day 2 and Star Trek fell on this list. Wow, no faith in these 2 what so ever. While I agree with Trek, I'm still hoping for ID2 to be decent. Actually most of these I can wait for Redbox. This summer will be nothing like last years. Remember we had 5 new Top 10 all time for 2015. Will that happen again. Nowhere close.
Can't believe they spent over $3M an episode as the SFX sure didn't show it. Now the budget is going to be even lower. Now what's going to become of that and the overall look of the show?
With the new Han Solo starring in a bio about Howard Hughes. Didn't Leo do that already. Anyways take a look at the photo. Does that look anything like a Han Solo?
So the show takes place in the same tv universe ST:TNG and DS9? Right move. Can't wait to see this show bit torrent all over the place. But if the show sucks like Enterprise CBS need not to worry. Who's going to bother to begin with.

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