Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Hopefully that radio show will premeire is Thusday as it will be the only day I will have to do it.

Lando, Yoda, C3PO coming back for the 2nd season. Looking forward to it. Something to fill in the gap before Force Awakens opens.

Well you can't blame and it makes sense. And lets not forget how Mattel screwed up bit time by not letting the producers of the Original Toy Story have Barbie in the cast. Well they should changed their mind big time then they literally went back to the producers and Begged to be in Toy Story 2. Headless Suits with thier great corporate thinking, yeh boys and girls.

Most of the audience don't care about the format, whilesome take it as a treat like IMax and 3D as a special treat at the cinema. This is not sci-fi and not Spartacus. It's just a western, while one of my favorite genres, it doesn't need the big treatment. This is has to do more with the director's ego.

A sign of things to come. Can't be a bad ass all your life so what's the next bext thing. Produce aka Brad Pitt or Direct aka Angela Jolie, both high paid stars who know bad ass and great looks don't last forever. Exceptions like Robert Redford don't count. Up there in age and still marries someone way younger his age. Way cool. So good for Denzal.


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