Monday, October 05, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New Radio coming for sure before out Live on MNN this Saturday. FlickR link posted at bottom of this blog.
So Damon has final laugh as this is one of his biggest hits at the Boxoffice. Met him, nice guy, no problem. I didn't think this would a big hit as I was still disappointed with Ridley's Prometheus. So I have to catch up with this one. Should have seen this one instead of Sicario (2 out of 5, overrated, boring, if you saw the trailer..well). I reposted pictures of Damon on the set of Bourne Ultimatum, which was the same exact spot of I Am Legend at the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. See link at bottom of this blog for my flickr page.
Yikes! How much can they squeeze out of this franchise? And look at the writers who are part of the screnwriters club. Some of them are responsible for trainwrecks. Amazing Spiderman 2 anyone?
And That's why he turned down those DC Superman Justice League films. He needs to do these films since it's his signature on them. With DC he would just be hired help with a bunch of memos handed to him everyday.
Well we can all thank Godzilla Jurassic World for this one. The studios are jumping at the chance for big creatures/monsters. But Director Bong did a great job on Snowpiercer and The Host maybe he should direct one fo the Godzilla movies in the future. He sure gets a good cast going.
Great mashhup. Count the cameos from Disney classics thrown in the trailer. My favorite is that annoying snowman finally getting it.
That pepsi bottle from BTTF No. 2. And let's not forget the Jaws Trailer from No. 2....
This is so funny where they explain all the other Jaws movies up to no. 19. Some good imagination.
Syfy channel should try some of these. Can't be worse than Sharknado, lol.
I Resposted the album link so you can see all of the albums that I put together through the years. With the Bourne album I was invited to film (without flash of course) as it was an open set. I manage to say hello and say good lcuk with the movie and was very nice. But of course security was like 'move it along so he can finish his scenes'. For you Bourne fans, this action sequence was film in winter with snow on the ground, but for this final scene they had to come back in April to finish the scene, notice the light jacket I'm wearing and there's no snow on the ground as he approaches the car. See if you can catch that blooper on the BR/DVD.
PS I also got chased away from Bradley Cooper when he was doing Limitless, the jogging scene you can see the two bridges and Brooklyn in the background. But he did say thank you when I said good luck with the film. I use that trick as it always get a respone, so now you know, lol
PSS A lot of pictures are filmed in this area by the Brooklyn Bridge, East River Drive. So now you know that too, lol...Thanks for watching.

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