Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday's Movie News

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Did they get around and fixing this especially the special effects near the end. When I first saw this back in early summer, it seemed like a rush job of trhying to tell so much in it's one hour time and the effects were ok to really bad. but it was still fun and looking forward to seeing it tonight. And catch the in joke with the Plane near the beginning.
As predicted Vin got wiped out. Him and witches was a bad idea to begin with. Stick with the cars. Everything else who cares. Good for Damon and Jack Black. Goosebumps is a 3 out of 5, a fun movie. Bridge of Spies is all Hanks who should get an Oscar nod.
Spoilers? Not if the actor just signed on for more seasons. And forget about the flashbacks. They did that with the premiere and that can get very tiresome. One thing for sure, this season is kicking ass big time. The body count in the first 3 episodes makes up for last years yawner.
Nice collection pf pics from empire magazine. The overall look sure looks dark, guess to fit the Batman look.
Well he was part of the Falcon so this makes sense but just a cameo. They should give him a line or too. He was pretty funny considering it wasn't meant that way.

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