Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars Final Trailer

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Well Luke is in there, at least his robotic hand is with R2D2. But that quick shot of Leia was such a tease. The one thing I did notice a lot of the action takes place in daylight and above ground. Not so much outta space and nighttime scenes. After the video plays there's other videos including a making of from Comic Con. .

Check out the comments, very funny. Yep the force was not strong when trying to get presale tickets.
At this rate we know that SW7 will take out No. 3 all time Jurassic World and looks like Titanic will finally be taken care of, lol. All that matters now is how many repeats people are going to see this to take out No. 1 all time Avatar.

65 scene breakdowns that covers the trailer. One of my favorites is of course Leia being held by Han Solo mainly because that lasted about 1 second of screen time. Wow that was a pain in the ass to freeze frame! But a lot of cool shots included.

Behind the scenes video. What surprises me is they are now pushing this when the song tanked in the USA, but it do great in Great Britain hitting No. 1. See the link below.

Those Brits I tell you, lol. Only they could take this to No. 1. Smith died a quick death over here tho.

It's all about numbers again. But funny that this article comes out while SW7 is being release this winter.

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