Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Hopefully that radio show tomorrow since my schedule is kind of crazy now. I'm surprise I did this blog today, lol.
We finally got that official announcement. So Skull Island, GZ2 then GZ VS KK. But no mention of Pacific Rim 2. Ummm. That would have been the royal crown. But great news either way.
After "PAN" got panned and tanked at the boxoffice, this could beat The Martian which had a good run. Crimson Peak is going after the older crowd but already the reviews have come in cold for that one. Not good for Del Toro who asked for alot of money to make it and insisted on the R rating.
That will cost him on his other productions especially for Pacific Rim 2 ust to be ball busters.
Cute video. Wow did we get old, lol but still kicking. 2 other videos follow this, a featurette and Micheal doing Johnny B Goode clip.
Cameron finally getting around to this considering this has been on his list like forever, all the waysince Titanic. Rodriquez would be the right director since he nows how toget the most bang for the buck especially with the Sin City movies.
Finally got around getting the BR disc with the featurettes and this film does deserve awards in the tech departments especially for Cinematography and Editing. Remember when Batman got those same nods and lost? But at least it was recognized instead of these biopics getting those awards as usual.
Who the hell greenlighted this to begin with. There are so many versions this was totally not needed.
Shouldn't they be concentrating on thier DC catalog instead. These guys just don't learn.

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